Generally, full spectrum extracts are considered more effective medicinally, (especially for severe pain) when all the parts of the hemp plant work together (called the ‘entourage effect’). We’ve heard from some customers of our customers who are managing chronic pain conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Spondylitis, that full spectrum tincture is a little more effective with pain management.

We have not found full spectrum critical for managing anxiety, inflammation, autoimmune disease or sleep, and more pleasant tasting broad spectrum-based CBD appears just as effective. Keep in mind, it can take up to two weeks for CBD to build up in the system before you see its full potential, though some can feel the effect immediately.

Flavoring includes organic stevia, natural organic flavoring and citric acid. At two sprays/doses per day, a 1oz bottle lasts just over three months, and a 2oz lasts just over 6 months. Keep out of direct sunlight, as sunlight damages CBD.

Ingredients: Full spectrum CBD, hempseed oil, stevia extract in coconut oil, citric acid, natural essential oil based flavoring.

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  1. lmrolen413 (verified owner)

    I use the lotion and just starting using this 4,000 mg Tincture. It actually WORKS. I’m in less pain n sleep much better. Thank you for making this product. It is well worth the $.

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