The trial size is a great way for those new to CBD to find out what it can do for you, or for those trying the full spectrum after taking isolate or broad spectrum. Just like our regular spray tinctures, at least two doses per day are recommended. Depending on your dosage needs, this bottle will last 1 – 4 weeks.

Available in broad or full spectrum form (broad spectrum contains non-detectable THC, perfect for those subject to highly sensitive drug testing or prefer a more pleasant tasting like the taste of the full spectrum extract. Full spectrum should be reserved for those who need the strongest pain relief, don’t mind the grassy taste, and do not get drug tested). Keep out of direct sunlight, as sunlight damages CBD.


Trial size tincture broad spectrum: broad spectrum CBD, coconut MCT oil.

Trial size tincture full spectrum: full spectrum CBD, coconut MCT oil or hemp seed oil.


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